Need help with collecting, analyzing and reporting on data?

We provide hands-on services to help executives work through strategic projects and gain invaluable skills in information management.

Our experienced consultants can give you and your organisation the edge when it comes to:

  • Developing a clearer understanding of the numbers driving your business
  • Using your business tools [e.g. Excel, Smartsheet, MS Project, QlikView, database/web systems] more efficiently
  • Tracking your business metrics and KPIs
  • Developing powerful and memorable dashboards, presentations and data summaries
  • Analyzing corporate data through data mining, consolidation and comparison

  • Need help with?

    We can help you

    Cost Reduction

  • Serve more clients using the same or fewer staff
  • Identify unprofitable activities
  • Optimize staff schedules for overall lower costs


  • Sales Targeting

  • Analyse sales target data to find the best prospects
  • Collect and analyse market information to identify trends
  • Match, cleanse and de-dupe lists & databases


  • Business Efficiency Improvement

  • Model services to plan the most efficient structures
  • Serve clients efficiently by better routing of their requests
  • Define key business metrics and KPIs


  • Service Quality

  • Target premium services towards the “high value” clients
  • Monitor service standards and Service Level Agreements


  • Decision-making

  • Report operational data clearly for stakeholders
  • Collect/integrate operational data across the organisation
  • Provide objective benchmarks for business decisions


  • In-House Skill

  • Train staff in data collection, management and analysis
  • Work with managers on objective decision-making skills


  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Collect and publish corporate data in prescribed formats


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