“In today’s busy world where numbers are important, as busy customer service executives need to constantly put forward a business case to get their ideas up, these concepts need to be underpinned by solid and well thought through presentations. Excel is still the principal software that helps executives look at plans and concepts via numbers to see if their ideas stack up.”
Martin Conboy, Director,  FooBooOnLine.com 


1. Presenting the Numbers
       EC_Perception Types.xlsx      

2. Key Excel Workbook Skills
       EC_ActiveX Controls.xlsx
       EC_Conditional Formatting.xlsx
       EC_Data Lookups.xlsx
       EC_Outlining Data.xlsx
       EC_Range Names.xlsx
       EC_Validation of Numbers and Lists.xlsx

3. Importing and Exporting Data
       EC_Client Data csv.txt
       EC_Client Data stripped.htm
       EC_Client Data.htm
       EC_Client Data.txt
       EC_Client Data.xlsx     

4. Smart Text and Tables
       EC_In Cell Charting.xlsx
       EC_Linking Text.xlsm

5. Numbers and Data Relationships
       EC_Key Data Relationships.xlsx      

6. Essential Charts
       EC_Chart Styles and Templates.xlsx
       EC_Conditional Format Charts.xlsx
       EC_Dynamic Max and Min.xlsx
       EC_Quadrant Chart.xlsx
       EC_Ranking Chart.xlsx
       EC_Scrolling Chart.xlsx
       EC_Techniques for Dynamic Charts.xlsx      

7. Grouping Data
       EC_Pivot Table Exercise.xlsx
       EC_Pivot Table Introduction.xlsx      

8. Queuing Models
       EC_Erlang Calculations.xlsm
       EC_MD1 Queue Simulator.xlsx
       EC_MM1 Queue Simulator.xlsx
       EC_Poisson Distribution.xlsx
       EC_Queue Introduction.xlsx      

9. Trend Analysis and Forecasting
       EC_Moving Averages.xlsx
       EC_Time Series.xlsx 

10. Optimizing Customer Service
       EC_Solver Demonstration.xlsm

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