Presenting the Numbers

The Essentials

A hands-on workshop held at your location.

Effectively communicating your business data

The importance of the numbers to your business
Understanding your audience
Chart, table or text ?
Numbers and Data Relationships

Hands-on skills:
Essential Business Charting

Excel techniques and tools for the charts you need
to carry your message

Practical Graphical Text and Tables
Practical Charting

You will learn

  • How to identify and communicate your message to
    your target audience
  • The key rules of effective business graphics and charting
  • How to generate charts quickly and accurately using the
    Excel charting toolbox
  • How to use text effects, SmartArt and graphic objects to make your messages more powerful


This session is a follow-on from Presenting the Numbers – The Essentials.
A hands-on workshop held at your location.

Getting more strategic value from your business data

Data representations
Business dashboards

Hands-on skills:
Advanced Business Charting

Excel techniques and tools for outstanding communications

Dynamic charts
New age charts

You will learn

  • How to develop charts that do not need to be changed
    when data is added or deleted
  • How to make charts that focus your audience on what
    you want them to see
  • How to present comparative results for alternate scenarios 

You will take away from each session

A reference handbook illustrating the session.
Professional Excel templates for all the techniques
in this session for you to use in your workplace.

Course Development

If your organisation needs training in any aspect of data collection, analysis or reporting, we can design a course targeted precisely to
your needs. We can advise you on training methods that will help
your organisation to get more value out of your business data.

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